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Our Claims Processing

Navigating the complexities of the moving industry requires a dedicated approach to claims adjustment, and that’s where MoveAssure Solutions excels. As specialists in providing claims processing services for moving companies, we understand the intricate process of assessing and settling claims made by customers for loss or damage to their belongings during the moving journey.

Move Assure solutions leverages advanced technology integration platforms to streamline the entire claims adjustment process. This allows our online claims portal to be accessible across devices, allowing customer the ease of submitting claims, uploading documents, and tracing the status of their claims from anywhere.

Our customer-centric approach to claims adjustment goes beyond the technicalities. We aim to provide fair compensation, ensuring a high level of accountability and customer satisfaction throughout the moving process.

MoveAssure Solutions Seamless Claims Submission

Seamless Claims Submission

  • Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free submission, where customers detail damaged, lost, or broken items, accompanied by essential documentation like photographs and receipts.
MoveAssure Solutions Rigorous Claim Review

Rigorous Claims Review

  • Our dedicated claims department conducts a meticulous review to assess the validity of each claim.
  • We delve into the evidence provided, conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the reported damage or loss.
MoveAssureSolutions Expert Negotiations and Settlement

Expert Negotiation and Settlement

  • With the review complete, we engage in negotiations with the customer to reach a fair and equitable settlement.
  • Our expert negotiators facilitate discussions on the value of damaged or lost items, ensuring fair compensation is agreed upon.
MoveAssure Solutions Transparent Documentations and Swift Settlement Payment

Transparent Documentation and Swift Settlement Payment

  • Upon reaching a resolution, MoveAssure Solutions provides transparent documentation outlining the terms of the settlement.
  • Swift settlement payments are then issued to the customer, covering the agreed-upon amount for damages or losses.
MoveAssure Solutions Specialized Claims Services

Specialized Claims Services

  • MoveAssure Solutions goes beyond standard claims adjustment, offering specialized services tailored to handle the intricacies of the process.
  • Our expertise includes collaborating with local repair firms, arranging virtual or in-person assessments, and providing expert remediation for unique claims involving factors like water, smoke, or pests.
MoveAssure Solutions Diverse Types of Claims

Diverse Types of Claims

  • We handle a range of claims, from damages to furniture and loss of items during transit to delays in delivery.
  • Our services extend to various issues covered by moving company terms and conditions, ensuring comprehensive support.


Today, J. provided me with a remarkable experience. Usually, when I call companies, the person answering the phone transfers me to someone else. Rather than tell me my reviewer was on the phone, she took the time to review my (claim) packet to ensure the necessary documents were in the packet. She checked to see if I’d have to schedule an inspection of my items. She explained what to expect from the process and when I should expect to be contacted.

J. was professionally social and, overall, pleasant to speak with. She even made herself available to follow up if I had additional questions. After the call, I felt confident knowing what came next with my claim.

I spoke with my claim examiner, G., and was very pleased with how fast the claims process was completed.

The claims process was smooth, and the email communication was terrific. The claims department was amazing.

The claims process was seamless, and I received the claims check much earlier than expected.

Thank you, S., for your patience while helping me register and confirm my claim.

L., thank you for providing me with an actionable plan to resolve this issue.

FAQs Claims Processing

1. Who Pays The Customer?

The moving company pays the customer after MoveAssure has negotiated the settlement.

2. How often am I invoiced?

MoveAssure invoices the moving company once a month.

3. How does MoveAssure get the information to process a claim?

We have an easy-to-use document portal where moving companies can drag and drop paperwork into our system. With access approval, Move Assure can also utilize SIRVA programs for further information.

4. Is my company kept informed of the claim progress?

Of course! Our clients can choose the level of information they receive. The client portal is accessible anytime (24/7) to get updates, confirm payments, and share information with us.